Expect any less from a 9/11 truther?

Via RCP:

“[Pat] Tillman has become such a complicated symbol of sort of Rorschached that you can almost take anything you want in this great American who turns down of millions of dollars to go fight for his country and then he’s like, ‘Wait a minute. I don’t like Afghanistan. I don’t believe in the mission we’re fighting for. But wait a minute, I’m going to continue to fight just the same as if I did believe in the mission,'” MSNBC’s cultural critic Toure said on the network today.

“You know, I mean, for the Army to have the most high-profiled soldier come out of the Army and perhaps criticize the mission would have been devastating for the military. So it’s not quite clear what happened, actually, in Afghanistan. I mean, just a very complicated situation. I can see how many people could try to take it in the wrong direction,” Toure surmised on the new MSNBC program “The Cycle.”

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