Nobody throws the “extremist” label around like Debbie Downer.

Drew —

The only sure thing about this fall’s elections is that if we don’t act now, we will lose.

Polls show two points separating President Obama and Mitt Romney. 12 Senate races are polling within single digits. We cannot, must not, will not, let Republicans drag our country down.

We’re 96 hours from the campaign’s most important end-of-quarter deadline. Either we raise $1.4 million to protect the President and Democratic candidates, or we hand everything over to Karl Rove’s GOP extremists.

Republicans are hungry for a GOP takeover. Defeating progressive champions like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown will put them so close they can taste it.

The next few months will be bruising. Super PAC cash will fund brutal attacks on President Obama and Democratic candidates. I really need your help to fight back.

Thank you,

Debbie Wasserman Schultz