She will be missed.*

Via National Journal:

When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida was tapped last year to lead the Democratic National Committee, it seemed like the latest ascension for a fast-rising star destined for even higher positions. Some stumbles and an apparent falling out of favor with the White House had changed that calculus. Now it looks like it could be changing again.

Talk is that Wasserman Schultz will not be asked to serve another term at the DNC, regardless of whether she helps President Obama win a second term. Yet the native New Yorker could use that to her advantage, as she reportedly now has her eye on a House leadership post — perhaps even the highest.

If Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California decides to relinquish House Democrats’ top spot after November — a possibility oft-discussed in the cloakroom, hallways, and Capitol subway — the similarly polarizing Wasserman Schultz may make a play for her post.

Leading the DNC has undoubtedly raised Wasserman Schultz’s national profile, but she insists that her focus is on “serving my South Florida constituents and my own reelection, and on helping President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket get elected in November.”

House members, staffers, and party strategists who discussed Wasserman Schultz and internal party machinations did so on the condition of anonymity. That’s because they publicly must stick to the party message that Democrats have a majority to win back and, in doing so, return the speaker’s gavel to the only woman ever to hold it — Pelosi.

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* No, not being sarcastic, she’s a gift when it comes to rallying conservatives.