Vomit inducing.

More via Daily Mail:

Dating can be a nerve-wracking occasion for any new couple, but it seems the President of the United States managed to impress the First Lady from the first date.

Barack Obama took Michelle for lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago in Michigan, before a leisurely stroll to the movies to watch a 1989 Spike Lee film which had just been released.

The Obamas gave an interview recalling the first time they went out for dinner as a promotion for a competition the president’s campaign is running, offering winners the chance to dine with him and his wife.

The First Lady, who is wearing her trademark pearls and a patterned sheer top, then asks Mr Obama ‘Did we go to the movie first?’

He thinks for a second and then replies: ‘Uh we didn’t have dinner we actually had lunch at the Art Institute, there was a little courtyard, with a little fountain.’

Mrs Obama smiles and says ‘Yeah that was nice’ and Mr Obama agrees: ‘Yeah it was very nice.’

The president continues: ‘Then we went to see Do The Right Thing’

And Mrs Obama nods saying ‘Spike Lee — it had just come out.’

‘He showed all the sides — he was hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive. The fountain — nice touch,’ she continues.

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