True story that I’ve never made public. I was fired by my former employer Fidelity Investments after these thugs from RevolutionMuslim complained I was anti-Muslim and were going to notify CAIR and the NAACP if they didn’t take action. Crappy thing is I didn’t know why I was being questioned about my posts I did about them (personal blogs at work were within company policy) until I got home and the guys from Jawa alerted me that they found out who I was and where I worked. Fidelity obviously panicked and took action before taking the time to research who these people were.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Federal prosecutors are seeking more than 12 years in prison for a Muslim convert from Brooklyn who pleaded guilty to posting online threats against the creators of the “South Park” television show.

Sentencing is scheduled Friday in Alexandria, Va., for Jesse Curtis Morton, who founded the now-defunct Revolution Muslim website. Earlier this year, he admitted using the site as an outlet for al-Qaida propaganda. He also conspired with another man to deliver a thinly veiled threat to the creators of the “South Park” television show for perceived insults to the prophet Muhammad.

Defense attorneys are asking for a prison term of less than five years.

The other defendant in the case, Zachary Chesser, got a 25-year sentence, but he also tried to travel to Somalia to join the al-Shabab militant group.