Terrorists indiscriminately kill innocent people, sounds more like an abortion doctor than an opponent.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, June 20, 2012  – Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” said she felt ashamed after her encounter in a crisis pregnancy center at age 17. She chose to have an abortion before going on to a career in stand-up comedy, radio, and television. Now she is hosting a series of one-woman fundraisers for Planned Parenthood and taking aim at her old enemies.

Pro-lifers use “terrorist tactics,” Winstead told an Austin-area reporter while promoting her act “Planned Parenthood, I am Here for You,” which she is performing in town tomorrow night.

“We need to shut the f—k up about” abstinence, she said. She says her solution is, “More people need to come out and say, I go to Planned Parenthood, I had an abortion, I use birth control, I am a sexual being.”

These shows are a continuation of the tour she began last year.

“There should be a Planned Parenthood in every mall. Just like Cinnabon and Chico’s. To me, that would be the utopian society to live in,” she told The Progressive magazine.

Winstead has had one of the largest footprints in entertainment after co-creating “The Daily Show” with Madeleine Smithberg in 1996.

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