Worth noting Pew skews heavily to the left.

(CBS News) — Half of independents — the voters likely to decide the 2012 election — would be happy if the Supreme Court this month decides to throw out President Obama’s health care law in its entirety, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center. Slightly fewer independents, 44 percent, said they would be unhappy with that outcome.

The rest of the country, according to the poll, will be unhappy no matter what the outcome of the case. The Supreme Court heard arguments in March over the law’s constitutionality and is expected to hand down a ruling by the end of this month. It could choose to uphold the law, reject the entire package or reject parts of it, including the requirement for all Americans to purchase insurance.

When presented with each of those three scenarios, Americans overall were more likely to say they’d be unhappy with the outcome than happy with it. For instance, 48 percent of Americans overall said they would be unhappy if the court threw out the entire law, while just 44 percent would be happy about it.

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