Where’s a stray torpedo when you need one?

MANHATTAN — A scrappy crew of Occupy Wall Street veterans that call themselves ‘Occu-pirates’ sailed out of the 79th Street Boat Basin once again on Saturday morning.

The destination was Staten Island, for one in a series of Occupy Wall Street events held in the five boroughs, that organizers have staged as town hall meetings, aimed at keeping the OWS message, and awareness of America’s sinking middle class, afloat.

But the makeshift pirate ship, captain and crew, which made waves in New York City last week after the parks officials tried to give the floating drum circle the boot, saying they were violating public marina rules, didn’t make it to their destination.

Last week, it was a battle for the freedom of speech. Tom Fox, who put his 30-foot sailboat “The Druid” in the service of the OWS movement, said he’s now sorted things out with the Parks Department Chief Dockmaster, Seth Goodwin, who had ordered him to stop the peace-disturbing drumming and banner waving on his boat or risk being booted from the 79th Street Boat Basin.

Now he says, he’s been told they can keep the banners and the drumming on board, just as long as they are outside of the perimeter of the marina’s “mooring field” when the flags are hoisted and noise begins. That means they can’t anchor anywhere between West 70th Street to West 110th Street, but below 70th, they can start the drums. Fox sees the floating protest community as one solution to the hostility OWS encampments have encountered in public spaces.