Or as Harry Reid once described him, “light-skinned with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Via Daily Mail:

Barack Obama decided to ‘become black’ after being teased at university by black students who called him ‘Oreo’, a new book claims.

The future President got sick of being compared to the black and white biscuit so decided to define himself as more African than American.

He spent hours listening to the music of Bob Marley and became obsessed with his deeply political album ‘Survival’.

Mr Obama also became a huge fan of Stevie Wonder and took a boring low paid job so he could understand what it was like to be poor and black.

Mr Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 to a Kenyan father and a white mother but his parents split and his dad returned to Africa.

He spent most of his youth wrestling with the question of who he was and in the end constructed his own ‘blackness’ without a male figure to guide him.

In ‘Barack Obama: The Story’, Washington Post journalist David Maraniss reveals that during his university days at Occidental College in Los Angeles Mr Obama was mocked by UJIMA, the black student group on campus.

They found him unsure of who he was and too mixed up to be part of their society.

The group’s leader Barry Hook said that some of them ‘just couldn’t tolerate the multicultural style of Obama’.

He said: ‘They called him an Oreo. . . . We’d get into some discussions about the Oreos.’

Whilst at university Mr Obama had no time for the punk that was popular on campus, but he and friend Eric Moore bonded over their shared love of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder.

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