Hey, you can’t question a black man’s intelligence, that’s racist!

Via Weekly Standard:

Texas senator John Cornyn called into question the intelligence of Attorney General Eric Holder earlier today in a radio interview. “Do you think Holder is smart?,” radio host Laura Ingraham asked Cornyn. “I have not been impressed with his intelligence,” Cornyn responded.

The radio spot followed-up on Cornyn telling Holder in a Senate hearing yesterday that the attorney general should resign. “You’ve violated the public trust in my view by failing to perform the duties of your office. So, Mr. Attorney General it is with more sorrow than with regret and anger that I would say you leave me with no alternative but to join those who call on you to resign your office,” Cornyn directly told Holder yesterday.

Cornyn addressed the reason for that incident today with Ingraham.

“The cover-up is frequently worse than the original offense,” Cornyn said referring to the Fast and Furious scandal. “The original offense was letting 2,000 high-caliber weapons walk without surveillance by the ATF and the DOJ. One border patrol agent, Brian Terry, was killed with those weapons. And there’s been a cover-up almost ever since by the Department of Justice, including Eric Holder.”

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