I’d choose Michael Moore, because there’s an off chance he could accidentally eat Obama.

Via ABC News:

The Obama campaign is pushing a new twist in its Dinner with Barack fundraising sweepstakes: For as little as $3, supporters now get a chance to pick the next celebrity to dine with Obama and the three lucky grassroots winners and their guests

“You not only have the chance to sit down for a meal with the President and a guest of your choice. You also get to help pick the President’s guest,” writes deputy Obama campaign manager Julianna Smoot in an email to supporters.

“He’s had some pretty amazing dinner guests lately: George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course, President Bill Clinton. So tell us, who’s next?”

The appeal continues Obama’s attempt to leverage star power to attract campaign cash from his base of grassroots supporters.

A raffle for a chance to attend a fundraising dinner at Clooney’s house in May brought in millions of dollars for Obama’s campaign above the high-dollar ticket sales for the event itself, campaign aides said.

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