Yes, everything is now racist, including purging voter rolls of dead people and non-citizens.

Dear MoveOn member,

According to a prominent Friday Tampa Bay Times editorial, Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott is “standing between Floridians and their right to vote as U.S. citizens.” He’s the new George Wallace — the Alabama governor who defied the federal government in order to deny African Americans their rights as citizens 49 years ago this month.

Gov. Wallace was the face of the original Jim Crow. Now, Gov. Scott is the face of Jim Crow 2.0, as he refuses to halt his Latino-targeted voter purge, in defiance of federal law and a Department of Justice order.

Gov. Scott’s racist voter purge began nine months ago when Florida’s Division of Elections began challenging the rights of 180,000 voters based on bad information, and with the election drawing nearer, it’s coming to a head right now. When the Department of Justice called on Florida to end the program, Gov. Scott responded this past Wednesday that they would continue despite warnings that they may be in violation of federal law.

Attorney General Eric Holder can block Gov. Scott from illegitimately kicking Floridians off the voter roll. Attorney General Holder has the authority to sue the state and block the purge because of the harm it does to Latino voters. He must act today to ensure that the courts strike this program down before it’s too late — and we lose another election.