Every America-hating leftist’s dream come true, being praised by Hanoi Jane.

Jane Fonda, ‘Peace, Love and Misunderstanding’ Star, On The Occupy Movement and The Legacy Of ‘9 To 5’ — HuffPo

Huffington Post: Again, your character is a war protester. What’s your opinion of the Occupy movement?

Jane Fonda: Right on! I say right on! It’s an important, wonderful movement. It doesn’t fit the mold.

HP: Is that what you like about it? That it doesn’t fit the mold?

Jane Fonda:I think that’s what allows it to be successful in its own way. Because it has no leader; it has no set of rules. But, the values are good and it makes a difference. And I say right on.

HP: Your point about not having a leader is interesting.

Jane Fonda:It limits the range if there’s a leader. This can occupy a big space on a lot of different areas, but the core value is, “What about democracy?” It’s about democracy and against greed.