Of course she said this yesterday. For some reason I highly doubt she’d repeat it after today’s jobs report fiasco.

Via Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, boasting about government partnerships with green energy companies, declared that President Obama and his team have got economic growth “figured out.”

“So we’ve got the growth part of it figured out — if we can get the green part of it actually figured out as well,” Clinton said yesterday in an address before Denmark’s Parliament. The audience laughed, even though they didn’t know yet that the unemployment rate would rise in today’s report to 8.2 percent.

“So we have every confidence that this industry will thrive well into the future, and we certainly cannot afford to overlook its potential, not if we’re serious about creating jobs and achieving sustainable economic growth,” Clinton had said of the green energy industry moments earlier.

Clinton also touted Obama’s cap-and-trade style crackdown on coal plants, despite the lack of congressional approval.

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