And yet Warren just admitted she did in fact tell Harvard and Penn that she was Native American (after repeatedly denying it).

Via Boston Herald:

Gov. Deval Patrick this morning defended embattled Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and blasted his predecessor in a feisty visit to the Jim and Margery Show on WTKK.

“Are you going to ask for a long-form birth certificate too?” Patrick quipped when asked his thoughts about the controversy over Warren’s claims of Native American heritage, repeatedly insisting that he doesn’t care about the issue.

“I don’t care about it,” he said. “I think she’s answered every question.”

“We’re focused on a distraction. Frankly, if I were Scott Brown, I would want this distraction — a distraction from his record,” Patrick said.

Patrick also took the opportunity to stump for President Obama and take a few swings at former governor Mitt Romney, the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

“I think voters have a sense of when a candidate has a core and when they’re running on it and when they’re running from it,” he said. “He’s gone so many different ways. You get the sense of where he stands on an issue depends on what audience he’s talking to.”