For what I’m assuming are obvious reasons.

Via National Journal:

President Obama’s once-substantial popularity edge over Republican foe Mitt Romney has tightened considerably, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Fifty-two percent of adults view Obama favorably, the poll found, while 45 percent of people see him unfavorably. That’s a nine-point drop from the same survey taken a month ago, when 56 percent felt positively about the president and 40 percent didn’t.

Conversely, Romney’s ratings have risen: 41 percent see him favorably while 44 percent don’t, a marked improvement since April when 35 percent held a negative view of the GOP nominee and 47 percent didn’t. In other words, the presidential race’s popularity gap has shrunk by 18 points in a single month.

The two candidates’ popularity has tightened even further among registered voters, a stricter voter screen that typically shows better results for Republicans. Only 49 percent of voters see the president favorably, compared to 48 percent who don’t. Romney favorability, meanwhile, is split at 44 percent.