I wonder how much this is costing us? Never mind the hypocrisy of Obama railing against global warming then spewing countless tons of CO2 into the atmosphere so he can get a haircut.

Via German public radio (Google translation):

Zariff. No surname, just Zariff only.That’s the name of the barber of Barack Obama. “I only just arrived by plane,” he told a customer in his barber shop in Chicago.

Also at 21:30 clock is Zariffs shop still open. Lined up in it are eight black hairdressing chairs – four left, four right. The lights on the ceiling to light up, not flatter, we quickly became clear. Finally, customers want a haircut here, not art.

“If you find a good hairdresser, you will stay with him”

So it was Barack Obama when he was 17 years ago to Zariff into the store. “I just waited on a customer and asked Obama: ‘Do you have to do?’ I said, ‘Not now’, and since then I cut his hair, “says Zariff of time.

They shared a lot: They are around 50 years old, black and married. With their now 17-year relationship they have done it more than some marriages. “In our culture it is so. If you find a good hairdresser, you stay at this barber”

Zariff has estimated its famous customers already, when nobody could do anything with the name Barack Obama. And of course, full of praise. “He’s just a cool guy overall I feel good when I talk to him That was already in our first meeting..”

About the contents of their talks said Zariff not say a word. Perhaps one reason why Obama feels safe with him. Otherwise he would let fly his hairdresser, not all ten to 14 days from Chicago to Washington. “Feel with a good haircut at any good. I watch that I can make the visits. A great privilege for me. It makes me proud.”

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Here’s a pic of Zariff cutting Obama’s hair in Chicago:

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