Sharpton has nothing to worry about, just last month he was being praised by the Attorney General.

MAY 30 (TSG) — A convicted felon now on trial for allegedly heading a large cocaine trafficking ring once worked with Rev. Al Sharpton to develop a TV show in which the civil rights activist would have starred as “Judge Sharpton,” according to testimony yesterday in Brooklyn federal court.

Details about the proposed daytime program featuring Sharpton in a Judge Judy-type role emerged at the trial of James Rosemond, the hip-hop manager who is facing life in prison for his alleged role in a cross-county narcotics ring that generated tens of millions of dollars through the sale of thousands of kilos of cocaine.

Rosemond’s business dealings with Sharpton were detailed yesterday by government witness Tony Martin, who worked closely with Rosemond at Czar Entertainment, the management company that prosecutors contend served as a front for the cocaine operation (and through which drug profits were laundered). […]

Asked if the Sharpton project generated income for the 47-year-old Rosemond, Martin replied, “No, Jimmy said it was costing him money because he was paying for Al Sharpton to go to Los Angeles. He was paying for his hotels, he was hiring his car service to go to meetings. Stuff like that.” It is unclear whether these costs included payments directly to Sharpton.

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