Every time I read a Tommy Christopher column (which is exceedingly rare) I can’t help but be amazed someone actually pays him to write drivel like this. Note: This is the same guy who was drop-dead certain Romney’s “Obama isn’t working” banner is racist.

Via Mediaite:

In a short item pegged to President Obama‘sMedal of Freedom ceremony gaffe, in which he referred to Nazi death camps in occupied Poland as “Polish death camps,” the website Buzzfeed committed a gaffe of their own, headlining the piece “President Obama, Polish Tabloid Cover Boy.”

The post drew attention to a satirical Polish newspaper’s headline, which read “White house says ‘Just Kidding.’ Poland withdraws F-16s,” but Buzzfeed’s own headline can be read in a number of unfortunate ways.

Aside from the racial baggage associated with calling the first black president any kind of “boy,” the Buzzfeed hed also illustrates the linguistic trap that President Obama fell into, since it can also be interpreted as calling Obama a Polish boy who’s on the cover of a tabloid. “President Obama Makes Cover Of Polish Tabloid” is clearer, and fills about the same amount of virtual space.