Face, meet palm.

Via Politico:

. . .“Here’s the story in the Herald; her great-great-great granny is part Cherokee, apparently. Here’s the story in the Globe. I go bottom fold, ‘Elizabeth Warren had key role in asbestos case.’ Oh, huh? They’re not talking about the Indian issue. Isn’t that interesting. Why would that be, I wonder?” asked commentator Doug “VB” Goudie.

Arousing the most anger was a May 2 Globe editorial — penned five days after the story broke — that absolved Warren of any blame. Perhaps more damaging, the Globe had to retract a story that seemingly turned up evidence of Native American blood lines. A correction said the piece “incorrectly described” a Warren family record from 1894.

“Neither the society nor the Globe has seen the primary document, whose existence has not been proven,” the correction read.

But the placement of the correction still irked the right. “PALEFACE: Boston Globe buries correction of Elizabeth Warren’s 1/32 Cherokee claim,” the Drudge Report blared. […]

While staffers at the Globe privately acknowledge their editorial board tilts to the left [understatement of the year — ed.], the news team certainly aims for objectivity, and its defenders say it has no qualms about going after Democrats who have populated the deep-blue state’s public offices for decades. . . .

“I don’t think it’s fair, no. But it’s what you would expect of them,” sniffed longtime Democratic consultant Bob Shrum, who worked for Sens. John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. “The Herald is the Fox News of Massachusetts. It appeals to a niche audience and makes money doing that. This is their kind of red meat story.”

Shrum said the Globe’s aggressive coverage during the 1994 Senate race between Kennedy and Mitt Romney weighed on the Kennedy team’s strategy.

“They endorsed us. . . but we had gotten a lot of grief from them in the Kennedy campaign for not debating Romney,” he said. “They forced us into it.”

On the other hand, the Herald’s drumbeat coverage, Shrum contended, amounts to a form of “race baiting.”

“The implication is she got her job through affirmative action,” he said. “It’s not true. It plays to the resentful right, and it’s hatred for affirmative action.”

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