Double whammy.

Via Beltway Confidential:

President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, a labor union founder whom he credited with coining the “yes, we can” that marked his 2008 campaign.

“Dolores was very gracious when I told her I had stolen her slogan, ‘Si, se puede.’ Yes, we can,” Obama said during the Medal of Freedom ceremony today. “Knowing her, I’m pleased she let me off easy, because Dolores does not play,” he joked.

Huerta, with Cesar Chavez, founded the United Farm Workers. “Without any negotiating expertise, Dolores helped lead a boycott that forced growers to agree to some of the country’s first farm worker contracts,” Obama said during the ceremony today. “And ever since, she has fought to give more people a seat at the table.”

Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), as Heritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay notes. DSA’s website explains that its “policies require the support of a majoritarian coalition of trade unionists, people of color, feminists, gays and lesbians and all other peoples committed to democratic change” in order to begin “transforming the power relations of global capitalism.”

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