I’m not buying it, if I remember correctly Hillary Clinton also denied she would ever run for office while she was First Lady.

Via USA Today:

. . . Michelle Obama (who denies any Nanny State intentions) says she’s glad the “big, bright light” that shines on her as the president’s spouse can be focused on her chosen causes, but says she’s not tempted to pursue such issues by running for office herself. More than not tempted, really: She rejects speculation that she might follow in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s footsteps to try to go from first lady to the U.S. Senate (a New York Times columnist last week wrote he had heard “vague murmurings” about a post-White House bid in her native Illinois) with the sort of no-wiggle-room language politicians typically avoid.

“Absolutely not,” she says flatly in an interview with USA TODAY. “It will not happen.”

Or any political office?

“No chance at all.”

Next question?

She is poised to play a central role in President Obama’s re-election campaign. She already has, headlining 54 fundraisers that have raised millions of dollars over the past year. Closer to Election Day, she’ll be deployed to help turn out Democratic partisans who give her overwhelming approval. “I’m going to fight as hard as I can,” she says. “I’m going to work as hard as I can to make sure that we have him for another four years, because there is a lot left to do.”

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