You rock, Chicago Jesus!

A supporter of US President Barack Obama shouts slogans during a campaign event at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California, on May 23, 2012. Obama may have made his name peddling hope and change, but his aspirational politics concealed a ruthless streak now being turned on the man who wants his job: Mitt Romney. President Obama and his hard-eyed political consultants have unleashed a long-planned attack on the Republican’s corporate past, seeking to turn November’s election on Romney’s character rather than his own economic record. (AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad)

Update via Keith Koffler: Looks like she was firing up the crowd because Obama was nowhere to be found. What a good little Obamabot.

Pool reporter Peter Baker of the New York Times offers a descriptive take on the scene at the late night fundraiser:

Your pool was brought into the Fox Theater, where the audience was being shown the campaign’s 17-minute promotional film. The movie ended with stirring tones, the lights came up and then. . . nothing. The stage stood empty for long minutes and no one came out, much less Potus. The crowd grew antsy and began chanting, “Obama, Obama!” Finally a woman took it upon herself to keep the audience busy, shouting, “Fired up,” followed by the crowd responding, “Ready to go.” After a few minutes, that died down. Then a man started chanting, “Four more years,” until that died down too. More minutes drained away with no one on the stage, no one addressing the crowd.

Finally when Potus was announced and entered the stage at 9:45 p.m. local (12:45 a.m. DC time), the crowd jumped to its feet enthusiastically. Potus responded to its energy. “It is good to be back in California,” he said. He then launched into roughly the same speech as in Denver.

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