Watch out Jay Carney, Tingles is gunning for your job.

Via Newsbusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Not true. And the only problem with Republicans trying to paint President Obama as a reckless spender is it is not true at all. Market Watch point out that federal spending is rising at the slowest rate- In fact, look at it there since 1950. But take a look at that bar chart there. For four years, from fiscal year ’09 through fiscal year ’13, we are heading into, no change. It’s been about $3.5 trillion right through. You know, Joan, every once in a while I’m amazed because I have heard so much about how government federal spending has been spiking every year. And you look at the ad that Rove put out and you’d be lead to believe that every year it is ticking upward. It is incredibly flat, government spending, federal spending.

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