Always mildly amusing to receive an email from “Barack Obama” titled “Wow.”

From: Barack Obama
To: Drew
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:42 PM
Subject: Wow

Drew —

When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992, I had just started a job registering voters in Chicago.

I remember watching his campaign and thinking, wow, I’ve never seen a candidate like him.

I ran for president because we lost our way as a country after President Clinton left the White House. So much of the progress he helped make was rolled back. And so much damage was done — to the middle class, to our reputation abroad, to our shared sense of community.

We can’t afford to lose our way again — and that’s what this election is about.

I feel fortunate to have President Clinton on our team today — he’s smart, he’s tough, and he’s committed to strengthening this organization alongside you.

If you’re one of the grassroots supporters picked to meet us in New York, I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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