Shockingly, Milwaukee’s Police officers aren’t happy with their mayor.

MILWAUKEE — It turns out, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was in Oshkosh talking with union organizers when he missed an event in Milwaukee honoring law enforcement in southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee Police officers.

Law enforcement officials are angered and looking for answers after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did not attend two separate law enforcement recognition ceremonies this week, including one that recognizes Milwaukee police officers killed in the line of duty.

On Tuesday evening, the Milwaukee police department held their annual Merit Awards Ceremony. Mayor Barrett was scheduled to be at that event. Organizers tell me he canceled so late that there wasn’t even time to take his name off the program.  It was on the printed program that evening.

On Wednesday, the annual ceremony to honor the courage and sacrifice of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty was held.  Organizers say Mayor Barrett said he would be there. He wasn’t. Governor Scott Walker was there; Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was there; Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was in attendance; Attorney General JB Van Hollen showed up; Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm and Milwaukee Police Association President Mike Crivello were there. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was not there.