And in what might be the biggest projection of all-time, Sharpton claims Republicans have a “long history of fear and smear.”

Via Newsbusters:

SHARPTON: We start in 1988 with the attack add against Michael Dukakis. And we saw it again in 2004 with the swiftboating of John Kerry. The party has run entire campaigns on character assassination. But the latest effort, it’s about more than just winning an election. It’s about dehumanizing President Obama.

. . . I think we went through that four years ago, everyone knows where the president stands. I think this was more geared trial to trying to bring race and really dehumanize the president.

. . . I must say that Ricketts has said he is not going to do it. He turned it down. It’s merely a proposal that he rejects. But the fact that these major strategists would go and try and bring this plan about shows some very insidious political maneuvering that really wants to dehumanize this president.