Via The Hill:

President Obama got about half the questions right in his “pop culture quiz” during a daytime talk show interview taped Monday, revealing his knowledge of reality star Kim Kardashian but ignorance about the recent popularity of an erotic novel.

In an interview with ABC’s “The View” set to air Tuesday, Obama demonstrated his pop culture savvy, correctly identifying Kim Kardashian as the pop culture icon who was only married 72 days.

“Because he was a ball player,” Obama added quickly about her ex-husband. “I know he was a ball player. That’s how I know, from watching basketball.”

Obama apparently wished for a phone-a-friend option when it came to a question about a bestselling erotic fiction novel, saying he’d have to ask his wife when he got home.

“The View” host Joy Behar described the book as “the controversial sex book that’s on millions of women’s bedside tables,” but the president could not name the title.

“I don’t know that,” said Obama. “I’ll ask Michelle when I get homeā€¦ I’ll ask Michelle when I get home what’s going on.”

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