When it comes to CAIR, that makes two of us.

(Examiner) — CAIR says Peter King doesn’t think American Muslims are real Americans. CAIR director Corey Saylor is angry at Republican Peter King for his intention to drag members of the American Muslim community before his House Homeland Security Commission, which he chairs. So what does Saylor do in his role as representative of the “religion of peace?” Why, start to cast aspersions on the good Republican. That’s what. He also accused King—who just wants to help the American Muslim community by finding the radicals there—of misrepresenting the number of Muslims in the US who do not report on the bad apples in their community.

CAIR’S personal hostility to the congressman from New York dates back to at least November or December of last year, when it was apparent that King would take over the chairmanship of the House Homeland Security Commission due to the GOP landslide in the midterms. Back then already, the congressman was not reserved about making noise about his intention to use his new power to investigate the radicalism in the American Muslim community. And, around the same time last year, CAIR also began making noise in an extremely agitated and overly defensive manner, going so far as to slander King by actively branding him a “McCarthyist” and accusing him of instituting more McCarthyism.

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