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Back in mid-February, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that al-Qaeda had “infiltrated” the Syrian opposition. At roughly the same time, videos began emerging on the internet that clearly revealed just what an understatement — to put it mildly — Clapper’s observators holding it high. (See “Al-Qaeda in Rebel Syria” here.) This was not a matter of “infiltration,” with the word’s connotations of stealth and cunning, but rather of an openly publicized affiliation.

In the meanwhile, an even more revealing video has come to light. It shows demonstrators in a public square in Syria holding up the al-Qaeda flag and chanting “Allahu Akbar!” What is particularly notable about this video, however, is that the demonstrators are women. The women are fully veiled from head to foot, with black niqabs or facial veils covering all but their eyes. In addition to displaying al-Qaeda’s distinctive black flag, some of them wave the green-white-and-black flag of the Syrian rebellion. Others wear scarves featuring the colors of the rebellion.

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Video below the fold of a rebel suicide bomber attacking a regime checkpoint on May 2nd:

And yet the McRINO Brigade is pushing hard to arm these people.