But . . . but . . . but . . . that was just Joe being Joe!

Via National Journal:

President Obama said that he had already decided to endorse gay marriage at some point ahead of the presidential election when Vice President Joe Biden jumped the gun with his own announcement on Sunday, according to an interview with ABC.

“He probably got out a little over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit,” Obama told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Thursday on Good Morning America. “Would I have preferred to have done this in my own way on my own terms without, I think, there being a lot of notice to everybody? Of course. But all’s well that ends well.”

Biden on Sunday that he is “comfortable” with gay marriage, setting in motion a three-day saga that came to a head on Wednesday with Obama endorsing gay marriage in an interview with Roberts. The endorsement came just one day after North Carolina voters overwhelmingly adopted a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage in the state. Excerpts of the interview aired on Wednesday night on ABC’s World News With Diane Sawyer.