Payback for the Obama stimulus funds Schultz’s construction company received?

Ed Schultz, MSNBC: His timing is terrific, but he’s going this way, Bill, because he has to. Because of Citizen’s United he’s not going to be able to raise the kind of money that they are going to throw at him, so the President brilliantly is using the bully pulpit —

Bill Maher: I’ve done my part, Ed. You’ve got more money than me Ed. Just saying.

Schultz: He is brilliantly putting them on the defensive. And he has —

Maher: I like how you side-stepped that one.

Schultz: You don’t think he is?

Maher: No, I do. I think you should give some money. Anyway —

Schultz: They won’t let me. I can’t give money.

Maher: You can’t give money.

Schultz: Where I work, I’m not allowed to give money. I can’t give political money to anybody.

Maher: To even the Super PAC?

Schultz: Not even to the Super PAC. I can’t give money. It’s the standards of practice of where I work. If I could, I would. Damn right I would.

Via Mediaite/RCP