What a brilliant decision by the Obama regime to turn Hosni Mubarak into a human speed bump.

Via Big Peace:

Two Egyptian presidential candidates have endorsed jihad against the United States and one of them even supports al Qaeda. MEMRI TV (the Middle East Media Research Institute) has released archival footage of Al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futouh and Hamadein Sabahi from 2004 and 2005 which show them stating their hatred of the United States in absolutely unequivocal terms.

Abd Al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futouh, who is calling himself a “Moderate” Islamist, was a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood. He co-founded the Al-Nahda party, which sees Islam as central to Egypt. Supported by Salafi Islamists, Gama’a Islamiyya, the Islamist group Wasat, and Google executive Wael Ghonim, he said in 2004:

“Like all members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and around the world, I personally hope to have a chance to bear arms to confront the U.S. occupation in Iraq. . . This is a matter of religion, not of politics. When a Muslim land is occupied, jihad becomes an individual duty”

Al-Futouh is currently polling second in the presidential race.

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