You can bet your last dollar there was at least one CAIR official.

(Washington Examiner) — FBI officials refuse to disclose the identities or backgrounds of a trio of outside Islamic experts it recently used to scrub the agency’s counter-terrorism training materials of information deemed offensive to Muslim advocacy groups.

That refusal concerns some on Capitol Hill who worry that the process could sacrifice legitimate national security interests to political correctness demands if the wrong people do the censoring.

The agency’s silence also worries representatives of influential Islamic-American groups that contend U.S. counter-terrorism efforts are hampered by officially sanctioned “Islamophobia.”

The overhaul followed claims by Islamic activists last September that the materials used to train FBI counter-terrorism agents used offensive language and depictions of Muslims, including an assertion that devout Muslims are more prone to be terrorists.

The scrubbing was done by an internal review panel that included two FBI officials working alongside the anonymous trio of Islamic consultants to remove references to Muslims deemed inappropriate, either because they lacked accuracy, employed stereotypes or were too vague.