Via LifeNews:

One of the biggest reasons pro-life advocates oppose Obamacare is the abortion funding the national health care law mandates. Republicans in Congress are wanting to do something about it and have floated new legislation to prevent such funding in the state exchanges Obamacare creates.

More than 60 GOP members of the House have introduced the Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-state Exchange Plans (SAFE) Act, led by pro-life Rep. Todd Akin, a Missouri Republican. The legislation would block these health plans from offering elective abortions — keeping the law consistent with the Hyde Amendment after Democrats, when passing Obamacare, defeated an amendment to stop abortion funding.

The law created the insurance exchange system, requiring all 50 states to have an exchange up and running by 2014, or have the federal government run an exchange for it, and the bill would apply to those exchanges. Akin’s bill, H.R. 4971, says “no multi-State qualified health plan offered in an Exchange provides coverage of abortion” and contains language prohibiting the states from pre-empting the law and funding abortions on their own.

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