(NY Post) — The owners of 1 World Trade Center — which will surpass the height of the Empire State Building today — are waging an all-out business war against its Midtown cousin, The Post has learned.

WTC operators want to steal business from the Empire State Building by promoting their observation decks and winning back broadcasters that beam their signals off of the Midtown skyscraper’s massive antenna.

“We’re looking to maximize revenue and maximize the reputation of 1 World Trade Center,” Douglas Durst, who is building the Freedom Tower in partnership with the Port Authority, told The Post.

Tonight, the agency will light the new tower in a blue-and-white color scheme, in celebration of surpassing the Empire State Building’s 1,250 feet.

Those colors, sources said, are supposed to mock the Empire State Building’s controversial 2010 decision not to light the building in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth.