Sadly, the lobotomized Obamabots eat this crap up.

Via Politico:

Every year, the slate of White House Correspondents’ Dinner-related events grows and grows but Saturday afternoon remains a monopoly: Tammy Haddad’s annual “Garden Brunch.”

For a few hours, there’s nothing else going on in town, meaning that a concentrated slate of A-Listers attend this preppy, Georgetown happening.

Although George Clooney himself wasn’t there (he’ll be a guest of TIME magazine’s at Saturday night’s dinner), President Barack Obama’s senior strategist David Axelrod talked to POLITICO about Clooney’s importance to Obama’s reelection.

“There’s been a tremendous reaction to that and we’re really grateful for it,” Axelrod, referring to a May 10 fundraiser that Clooney is hosting for Obama in Los Angeles. “I saw, the other day, that Crossroads, Karl Rove’s organization, got a $10 million anonymous donation so it takes 181,000 of our average donations to make up for that [total crock of shit — ed.], so George is pitching in here and lending his name to this event and himself to this event. It’s really helpful to us.”