Via Politico:

The Obama campaign accused ‘secretive oil billionaires’ of running a shadow campaign on Mitt Romney’s behalf.

“Secretive oil billionaires are making good on their promise to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Governor Romney’s behalf attempting to defeat the President,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

“After all, Governor Romney has introduced a tax plan which charges taxpayers $4 billion in year to provide subsidies to oil and gas companies making record profits, he opposes increased fuel economy standards that will save consumers thousands of dollars at the pump, and he supports repealing the reforms the President passed to prevent manipulation of our oil futures market,” LaBolt said.

“While the President fights everyday to build an economy where everybody gets a fair shot and does their fair share, special interests across the country are mobilizing to buy the election for Governor Romney to try to promote their interests over the interests of the American people,” LaBolt said.