His surrogates promised up and down a “post-racial” America if he was elected, shockingly, Obama never disagreed with them until now.

(Politico) — President Obama said that the issue of race in America was still “complicated” and pushed back against the notion that his election represented a post-racial period.

“Race has been one of the fault lines in American culture and American politics from the start,” Obama said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I never bought into the notion that by electing me, somehow we were entering into a post-racial period.”

“My view on race has always been that it’s complicated. It’s not just a matter of head — it’s a matter of heart. It’s about interactions,” Obama told publisher Jann Wenner. His remarks follow on the heels of intense pressure from the black community to weigh in on the slaying of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin — which he eventually did.

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