But don’t worry, it’s still the peaceful Tea Party that represents the greater threat.

(CNS News) — It’s Spring and Occupy Wall Street has come out of hibernation. With a series of actions, the movement is pushing radical confrontations with companies, cities and citizens.

“Activists with The 99% Spring coalition already have disrupted shareholder meetings this year at EQT Corp. (EQT), Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) and BNY Mellon (BK). Now they’ve announced a full schedule of ‘non-violent direct action’ at shareholder meetings,” according to Kent Hoover, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Phoenix Business Journal. […]

But that’s only a hint at how radical the movement is trying to become. The Occupiers have announced a partnership with hardcore radical AIDS activists ACT UP. According to the liberal Nation, “a quarter century afters [sic] its founding, one of the original direct action pioneers is joining forces with the new kid on the block: Occupy Wall Street.”

ACT UP is planning a “march on Wall Street this Wednesday, April 25, starting in the morning at City Hall and ending in the financial district. ACT UP is hoping the event will attract hundreds of protesters for what they describe as a ‘daylong siege in Lower Manhattan.’”

ACT UP was radically anti-Catholic, invading a Mass held by John Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of New York in 1987. According to a positive profile in the left-wing publication Alternet:

“Four thousand angry queers were cordoned off on one side of Fifth Avenue, safely contained behind barricades, their chanting not quite loud enough to penetrate the heavy bronze doors and thick walls of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Over the next few minutes, those queers fought their way across Fifth Avenue and stormed the cathedral, disrupting the Mass and igniting a firestorm…”

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