Which begs to obvious question, does Obama subscribe to Sully’s fruitloop conspiracy theory about Sarah Palin not being Trig’s mother?

Via HuffPo:

President Obama revealed some details of his media diet in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Speaking to editor Jann Wenner, Obama shared that he doesn’t watch cable but watches “The Daily Show” occasion. “I like ‘The Daily Show,’ so sometimes if I’m home late at night, I’ll catch snippets of that,” he said. “I think Jon Stewart’s brilliant. It’s amazing to me the degree to which he’s able to cut through a bunch of the nonsense – for young people in particular, where I think he ends up having more credibility than a lot of more conventional news programs do,” Obama told the magazine.

The president also said that he “thumbs through” The Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post in the morning “just to catch up.” When asked if he reads New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, Obama said, “I read all of the New York Times columnists. Krugman’s obviously one of the smartest economic reporters out there, but I also read some of the conservative columnists, just to get a sense of where those arguments are going.”

Obama said that he also reads a “handful” of blogs, including Andrew Sullivan’s blog on the Daily Beast. He praised The New Yorker and The Atlantic for still doing “terrific work.”

Sullivan, of course, is a noted devotee, having penned a cover story in January for Newsweek titled “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?”