And Zimmerman should “probably” sue NBC for defamation.

Via Newsbusters:

It’s been several weeks since NBC disgraced itself by repeatedly airing doctored audio of George Zimmerman talking to a 9-1-1 dispatcher but the network has yet to apologize on the air, hoping instead that its paltry efforts of firing a lone producer and conducting an investigation into the matter but not releasing a report to the public would be sufficient.

Incredibly, it was a New York Times columnist, David Carr, who decided to confront the network on how that just isn’t enough. NBC News president Steve Capus admitted his efforts have been insufficient but tried to spin away why his network hasn’t bothered to tell viewers about its propagation of fraudulent journalism. […]

With that correct attitude in mind, Carr approached Capus to ask why nothing had been done on the air. Capus acknowledged that he was “probably right” but didn’t seem too enthused about sparing a few seconds to help correct the record, especially for those viewers who aren’t following the media industry or political blogs, i.e. the vast majority of “Today” watchers.

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