MSNBNC being the natural place for the phonetically challenged Fwank to land.

Via Roll Call:

The oft-heralded “smartest man in Congress” will have TONS of hours to fill after he retires from public service at the end of the 112th Congress.

And while Rep. Barney Frank doesn’t really sound like he’s sweating his next gig too intently, the Massachusetts Democrat did lay down some ground rules to our colleague, Steven T. Dennis, regarding a prospective career in punditry.

“I would like to do a TV hit once a week,” Frank said, brushing aside a nightly commitment as “too much work.”

Frank declined to name any specific show or network he might consider commentating for. But when asked about the possibility of securing a recurring gig on “Real Time With Bill Maher” — Frank spokesman Harry Gural confirmed his boss has appeared on HBO’s free-form political gabfest “at least twice” — Frank suggested the show might be too small for both their oversized personalities.

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