I’m almost scared to ask, what side will the Obama administration support? Considering South Sudan’s pro-American president still wears the cowboy hat George W. Bush gave him and when the south officially become its own country he thanked their Christian supporters in America I have a sneaking suspicion who.

KAMPALA Uganda (Dow Jones) — Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, Thursday declared war on South Sudan, vowing to topple its government.

The move comes after Sudan’s parliament passed a resolution branding South Sudan’s ruling party an enemy that “must be fought until it is defeated.”

Sudan and South Sudan are embroiled in the worst clashes along their poorly defined border since the secession of the South last summer. The United Nations Security Council is considering sanctions on both countries in an attempt to end the violence, and demanded South Sudanese forces withdraw from their occupation of the 60,000-barrels-a-day oil field Heglig oil field. Both countries continue to ignore calls to end the fighting.

On a visit Thursday to the oil-rich, restive border state of South Kordofan, Bashir rallied his troops, which are now engaged on three fronts with South Sudan.

“Heglig isn’t the end, it is the beginning, and we shall go all the way to [South Sudanese capital] Juba,” Bashir told a rally.

South Sudan’s army spokesman, Col. Philip Aguer, dismissed Bashir’s threat, saying that the South’s army would keep Sudan’s aggression at bay.

“If they didn’t defeat us when we were a green army, how will they defeat us now,” he said.