Of course Obama chowing down on one isn’t.

(HuffPo) — The now famous story of how Mitt Romney strapped his family dog, Seamus, to the roof of the car, albeit in a carrier, for a drive from Boston to Canada continues to, excuse the pun, dog Romney even now after he has secured the Republican Party’s nomination. It is probably true that Romney’s treatment of Seamus would not make him a bad president — his economic views and fear of his own party’s right wing would do that. Despite this, Romney’s treatment of Seamus may prove damaging in the election.

Romney’s treatment of Seamus is potentially damaging to his candidacy because it reinforces much of what many Americans, particularly swing voters, already feel about Romney — that he is a smart enough man, but simply unable to connect or relate to the problems and challenges facing ordinary Americans. The Seamus story is consistent with this because it shows Romney to be goal-driven, singularly focused and insensitive — it should be remembered that after the dog got sick, Romney pulled over, hosed him off and kept going — even when taking his family on vacation.

Both MItt and Ann Romney have consistently argued that their treatment of Seamus was not cruel, that the dog had previously enjoyed riding on the roof and that they would not have treated a family pet who was loved by them and their five children that way. This argument is difficult to believe because Romney put Seamus back up on the roof even after the dog had demonstrated that he was unhappy there. However, even if this were true, and the dog had previously enjoyed riding up there, the story would still be damaging because it confirms what so many people are already primed to believe about Romney.

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