I’d be shocked if she didn’t run. I pray Biden does.

Via Politico:

Several years out, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a whopping lead over other possible Democratic candidates for the White House, according to a new survey out Tuesday.

Clinton received 57 percent to Vice President Joe Biden’s 14 percent, according to Public Policy Polling.

Elizabeth Warren, currently running for a Senate seat in Massachusetts, gets six percent, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo receives 5 percent. Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold receives 3 percent.

Clinton dominates the field, taking a majority of “very liberal” voters, moderates, women, men, whites, African Americans, Hispanics and seniors.

With Clinton out of the race, Biden would lead the pack with 32 percent, followed by Cuomo with 18 percent, and 8 percent for Feingold.