Via Breitbart:

In an appearance on the Spanish language station Univision’s “Al Punto” Sunday show, President Obama, with the help of host Enrique Acevedo, appealed to Latino voters by tying the Trayvon Martin case to the “anti-immigrant” sentiment Obama said Hispanics have recently faced.

In his final question to Obama, Acevedo asked, “Finally, Mr. President, why is it that half a century after the civil rights movement and after the American people elected their first African-American president do I have to stand today here in front of you and ask you about racial tensions in the U.S.? And of course, I’m referring to the Trayvon Martin case.”

Obama could have noted that Zimmerman was as Hispanic as he is Black and could have said that since the facts of what happened on the night Martin died are still unknown, Americans shouldn’t hastily use the Trayon Martin tragedy as a symbol of “racial tensions in the U.S.,” as Acevedo suggested. […]

Here is how Obama responded.

“Well, I think we all understand that issues of race are deeply embedded in the history of this country,” Obama said. “Sometimes that history has been tragic, slavery, Jim Crow, but also more recent examples of anti-immigrant sentiment, and you know, I think what I always tell people is that . . . my election alone is not going to completely transform attitudes because this has to do with hearts and not just minds. It has to do with attitudes, not just laws.”

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