What he’s really saying: Bill Cosby is a sell-out for not playing the race card.

TOURE: Bill Cosby is an extraordinary American. He’s extraordinarily talented. He’s had an amazing effect on my life, on many lives. But in terms of nuanced political thinking, he has not shown himself to be a big fan of that. And he has quite often said things that put him into the category of, with friends like these, who needs enemies? I mean, like, he’s repeatedly talked about a lack of morality in the black community, as if we don’t teach our children morality, as if we want to go to prison, as if that’s some badge of honor. That is not the way things are in the black community.

HALL: But Bill Cosby is not anti-black. What are you saying?

TOURE: I’m saying that he has on several occasions said things that are extremely negative, paternalistic and rather misguided about the black community, As if we want to go to prison. That’s a badge of honor. That is a great mark of shame for many, many people. It is nothing that we want to do. When he talks about parents not teaching their children, black children morality. That is just simply not the case. I don’t know what community he is talking about. And then we come to this situation where it’s not about race, it is just about guns. It is about both. And surely this does not happen if this individual does not see a black person and pour stereotypes into him as if he is a criminal black man.

As Newsbusters notes, MSNBC’s race analyst is also a 9/11 truther.