The left’s legacy theft of Reagan continues.

(Pundit Press)– National Public Radio, NPR for short, is a well-known supporter of liberal politics and news in the United States.  Championed by liberals for compassion and support for left-wing causes, the organization is often chided by conservatives for its skewing of facts and numbers.  Well, NPR is not listening, as evidenced by its new article “What Obama Is Learning From Reagan’s Example.”

According to NPR, one of the most liberal administrations in recent memory is, in fact, taking lessons from a conservative hero, Ronald Reagan. And no one is learning more than President Barack Obama himself.

NPR begins its article questionably and it doesn’t get much better from there.  The first paragraph states matter-of-factly:

[T]he 40th president has more recently been adopted as a kind of patron saint by the country’s leading Democrat.  President Obama has immersed himself in Reaganalia.

The piece then refers to an op-ed that the President wrote, in which he tied himself to our 40th President.  In it, the President makes several comparisons to himself and the late President Reagan.  These include “confidence and optimism” and American dreams.

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