Do rich libs enjoy being told they’re the scum of the Earth?

(CNN) — After raising just under $2 million at three fundraisers in Florida on Tuesday, President Obama was at it again with a fundraiser in Washington DC on Wednesday evening. The closed-press event was held at the W Hotel across from the White House. A campaign official confirmed that approximately 20 supporters attended the event, each paying $40,000 for a ticket, meaning the president raised at least $800,000.

The maximum an individual is allowed to contribute to the Obama Victory Fund — a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee — is $35,800. This is due to donation limits set by the Federal Election Commission allowing a maximum individual donation of $30,800 to a political party committee per year and a $2,500 maximum individual donation to a candidate per election. The president is allowed to collect money for both the general election and his uncontested run for the Democratic nomination.

According to the campaign, any money that the president raises at the W on Wednesday above the legal limits would go to several state Democratic parties.